We are pleased to inform you that as of January 2024, Brandl Transport GmbH in Germany will officially be operated under the name HIZKIA.

In September 2022, Brandl Transport GmbH was acquired by HIZKIA. Until today, we have collectively demonstrated that we have successfully continued the legacy of Otto Brandl. We take pride in our wide range of services in art logistics, over 15,000 m2 of warehouse space in Cologne, Berlin, and Munich, 20 art transport trucks, an excellent in-house crate construction workshop, customers worldwide, and over 90 experienced and dedicated employees. Under the new name HIZKIA, we will continue to uphold Brandl Transport’s strong position.

HIZKIA has offices in The Hague and Amsterdam (NL), Willebroek and Liège (BE), Paris (FR), Stockholm (SE), and Copenhagen (DK). The offices in Cologne, Munich, and Berlin will now join the group. HIZKIA has been successfully operating internationally for 30 years. Originally started in the Netherlands and Belgium, the company has significantly expanded its activities in recent years through the acquisition of art transport companies in Europe. This has enabled us to have an even more extensive European network with regular shuttle services. With the integration of Brandl, the HIZKIA network of locations now extends from Scandinavia to France and from the Netherlands to Berlin and Munich.

Managing Director Markus Engelskirchen: “Brandl Transport was already part of the HIZKIA group last year, and I am delighted that it is now time to officially carry the name HIZKIA. We share the same DNA: Good service, speed, reliability, and attention to our customers are always at the forefront for us. We respect our origin as Brandl Transport and will continue our work with the same team and dedication.”

The name change fundamentally does not affect our customers. The same contacts will be available to you as usual. From January 2024, we will implement the name change in our business operations and communication in Germany.

We are proud to transition from the name Brandl Transport to our new name: HIZKIA. We will continue to work together as one company and focus on what matters most to all of us: providing good service to you, our customers.


A team of + 80 staff from various disciplines builds the base for our customers success: art packers, art riggers, art truck drivers, our inhouse crating shop team and logistics specialists with a defined focus. Such as the museum exhibition team, the special projects team, the art fairs team and the customs operations team.

Our team is experienced in working in Germany but as well  in other countries:  the art fairs team is on site in Basel, Paris, Miami, Singapore and various other destinations when our customer arrive at their booth. The museum team is on site, always, when customer projects are installed or dismantled for return to lenders. No matter where this takes place.


We offer our  road transport services to any destination in Germany and Europe. As a registered customs broker we are connected to the European Communities transborder ATLAS-System. We  do  perform customs clearance in any city and  at any airport in Germany, temporary or final. We are partnering with fine agents throughout Europe on the same topic. We also have an AEO status.
AEO stand for  Authrorised  Economic Operator. The AEO concept is based on the Customs-to-Business partnership introduced by the World Customs Organisation (WCO). Traders who voluntarily meet a wide range of criteria work in close cooperation with customs authorities to assure the common objective of supply chain security and are entitled to enjoy benefits throughout the EU.

Our bond  insurance coverage for bonded customs operations is among the highest in central Europe. For exhibitions or single artworks in transit we offer bonded warehouse space which come close to the status of  freeports in  Switzerland, including the possibility for art dealers  to expose their artwork to customers in our bonded environment. If you prefer a freeport art storage facility in Zurich, we also offer this via our partner company Cosmotrans AG.


Internationally we have a standing relationship with prime  Fine Art Agents. We are member of ICEFAT, and we cooperate through this network  as well as with many ARTIM member companies.

Whilst traditionally our intercontinental customer base is mainly located in the Americas with a focus on  the USA, we have over the last 3 years also developed strong services to Asia, especially to China. Our reference list provides information about such projects.