Our teams

A team of + 80 staff from various disciplines builds the base for our customers success: art packers, art riggers, art truck drivers , our inhouse crating shop team and logistics specialists with a defined focus such as the museum exhibition team, the special projects team, the art fairs team and the customs operations team.

Our team is experienced in working in Germany but as well  in other countries:  the art fairs team is on site in Basel, Paris, Miami, Singapore and various other destinations when our customer arrive at their booth. The museum team is on site, always, when customer projects are installed or dismantled for return to lenders. No matter where this takes place.

Customs & Bond coverage for transit

We offer our  road transport services for any destination in Germany and Europe. As a registered customs broker we are connected to the European Communities transborder ATLAS-System. We  do  perform customs clearance in any city and  at any airport in Germany, temporary or final. We are partnering with fine agents throughout Europe on the same topic.

Our bond  insurance coverage for bonded customs operations is among the highest in central Europe. For exhibitions or single artworks in transit we offer bonded warehouse space which come close to the status of  freeports in  Switzerland, including the possibility for art dealers  to expose their artwork to customers in our bonded environment. If you prefer a freeport art storage facility in Zurich, we also offer this via our partner company Cosmotrans AG.

Going international

Internationally we have a standing relationship with prime  Fine Art Agents. We are member of ICEFAT, and we cooperate through this network  as well as with many ARTIM member companies.

Whilst traditionally our intercontinental customer base is mainly located in the Americas with a Schwerpunt on  the USA, we have over the last 3 years also developed strong services to Asia, especially to China. Our reference list provides information about such projects.