At BRANDL we operate fine art warehouses in various sites in Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Munich). As well BRANDL had been one of the initial partners for the Luxembourg Freeport. Recently we developed another new concept and are now offering a „State of the Art“ warehouse in Antwerp, Belgium in cooperation with the highly specialized company KATOEN NATIE ART.

  • security is up to the most modern standards, with a direct uplink to central security
  • warehouses have an INCERT 3 security level
  • All depots are pest managed
  • almost all depots are bonded warehouses
  • BRANDL & KATOEN NATIE ART are ISO 9001-2015 certified


  • Clima storage – Antwerp
  • 20 individual vaults (construction date 2012 – 2020) – these are designed according to the most modern standards.
  • Throughout the year we condition the air in the depot without seasonal fluctuations.
  • The climate is stricter than an AA climate according to ASHRAE standards.
  • Temperature: 20°C with a margin of 2°C
  • Relative humidity: 52% with a margin of 5%
  • Compartments are created with sandwich panels of 10 cm
  • The loading and unloading dock has the same climate.


  • It is not allowed to eat, drink or smoke inside the warehouses
  • All communication is with the client manager –  he will give you guidance throughout your visit to the warehouse
    All visits must be announced at least one day up front.
  • We have strict procedures to facilitate all activities in our warehouse
  • We have a Warehouse Management System (WMS) to provide inventory of your collection. This proves to be an ideal way of managing your collection. We will add a unique barcode or QR-Code label to your works of art and can offer you an overview of your collection when requested
  • Our depot is of customs type E, which means we can store non-European works of art in our depot without VAT or import duties. We have our own customs department to manage this particular case of storage.


We have a Warehouse Management System (WMS) to provide inventory of your collection. This proves to be an ideal way of managing your collection. We will add a unique barcode or QR-Code label to your works of art and can offer you an overview of your collection when requested

Our depot is of customs type E, which means we can store non-European works of art in our depot without VAT or import duties. We have our own customs department to manage this particular case of storage.


BRANDL & KATOEN NATIE ART can offer you painting racks for exclusive use.  We can lock each rack individually. This allows you to house your collection in complete privacy. Moreover, the works are easy to consult. The total surface of such a rack is 44 M². We provide the fastening hooks to hang the paintings on the racks. The minimal availability is 1 rack.

With a regular temperature set at 20 Degrees and a relative humidity at 50 – 52 %, unless other criteria is requested.


Acclimatized storage Low energy storage Artport
20°C Seasonal adjustments 18°C (min. 15°C & max. 25°C)
52% RH 45% RH & 60% RH 40% RH & 60% RH
Active monitoring, intervention if necessary Active monitoring, intervention if necessary for the humidity Active monitoring, intervention if necessary
Acclimatized loading and unloading dock No acclimatized loading and unloading dock Acclimatized loading and unloading dock
Pest controlled Pest controlled Pest controlled
Fire prevention in the classical way Low oxygen in the complete building Fire prevention in the classical way
Free height: 6.5M Free height: 10M Free height: 6M
Bonded storage Bonded storage Bonded storage


An appropriate climate is essential to store your valuable items with due care and attention.
Many of the depots of the BRANDL Unit Art are climate-controlled in accordance with museum standards. Moreover, engineers designed a unique and sustainable type of art storage: airtight, low energy, low oxygen (14% instead of 21%) and fireproof as a result. Sustainable buildings also have a self-regulating climate, keeping manual interventions to a minimum – ecologically sound and cost effective.
Depending on the materials in your collection and your specific wishes, BRANDL will also provide tailormade solutions to store your items safely, with due care and in a budget-friendly manner.

Climate-controlled art storage (museum standard)

  • 20°C
  • 52% relative humidity
  • Climate control class: better than ASHRAE AA+
  • Monitoring indoor climate and immediate intervention in the event of deviating results

Sustainable art storage

  • 12°C – 18°C
  • 55% – 60% relative humidity
  • Climate control class: ASHRAE A1
  • Monitoring, intervention if the limits are exceeded

Specifically adapted climate zones

  • Tailormade, based on the collection
  • Monitoring, intervention if the limits are exceeded

Non climate-controlled depots

  • No or minimal climate control, e.g. for sculptures or empty crates
  • No intervention


All works of art are unique. The art storages are based on a flexible and modular design, giving each item the right level of protection and preservation it needs.

Just a few weeks, or months or even years: BRANDL will store and look after your items for as long as necessary. Need somewhere to store empty crates because of lack of space at an exhibition? Feel free to leave them with us.

6M wide or weighing 40 tons?
No problem. Our art storages can accommodate items of any size or weight. We can even store (extremely) large items and also provide transport if needed.

You can choose between shared or private art storage facilities. In our shared art storage your collection will be stored securely with other collections, maximising the available art storage space. With private storage you are hiring an individual, lockable safe. Or you can hire a complete section, with or without bespoke facilities/layout.

Paintings require different preservation techniques from wooden statues, for example.
And works of art on paper are stored differently from textile collections. Each item requires a specific approach.

  • Textile collections are fully supported, either on hangers or flat out.
  • Vulnerable items are stored on or in acid free material.
  • Your paintings will be stored in our painting storage, a specially designed, lockable painting rack (44 m² hanging space), shielded from other collections.

The number of highly valuable works of art far exceeds the amount of available professional art storage space, which means that works of art don’t always receive the care and attention they deserve. The BRANDL deals with conservation in an extremely professional manner. Any item received in our warehouses is protected in accordance with best practice

Each warehouse is totally anonymous with no visible signs on the outside that it houses valuable goods. Only our employees know and they are obliged to sign a binding confidentiality agreement. You
can rely on complete confidentiality.

Academically designed warehouses to guarantee art storage in accordance with the highest standards
Your collection isn’t stored in just any warehouse.
The design of our depots is based on many years of academic and practical research and they are implemented by our own team of engineers.
This means that we can guarantee:

  • The highest level of security
  • A perfectly controlled climate
  • A bespoke layout

An analysis by INCERT, the leading quality benchmark for electronic building security, classifies our warehouses as level 3, which implies that extremely stringent security measures are in place.
That is why our buildings are safeguarded with around the clock on-site security. An external control room monitors all alarms to keep our warehouse managers up to date at any time of the day.
Moreover, all entries, exits and passages are equipped with scanners to prevent unauthorised access.
All our warehouses and art storages are equipped with CCTV

ISO 9001: 2015

BRANDL & KATOEN NATIE ART have been awarded the ISO 9 001:2015 certification, verifying that we employ and adhere to the most stringent methods and procedures inside the art storage and beyond. Every year an external body verifies whether we still comply with the appropriate standards.


All BRANDL & KATOEN NATIE ART storages are bonded warehouses, which are customs approved zones, not subject to import duties and/or VAT. Collectors, gallery owners and other art lovers all over the world can store their works of art in our ‘freeport’. The major benefit?

From our Belgium based warehouses we are the only ones to allow you to remove items from the art storage, e.g. for an exhibition or trade fair, without any additional administration, guarantees or other costs (see illustration). The objects can travel throughout the EU free from import duties and VAT.

We can guarantee postponed VAT and tax payments when we store your collection in transit in our depot. The art works can remain in the depot and in transit until the owner decides what to do.
BRANDL & KATOEN NATIE ART employ specialized personnel for forwarding and shipping of art objects, which includes caretaking of all customs formalities.

More information about the services of BRANDL and KATOEN NATIE ART in Belgium can also be found here: